KS KSP050 Unisex Herren Damen Taschenuhren

  • KS KSP050
  • KS KSP050
  • KS KSP050
  • KS KSP050
  • KS KSP050
  • KS KSP050
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KS Herren Damen Taschenuhr Analog Quarz Graviert Sprungdeckel Golden


About Kronen & Söhne:

Kronen & Söhne(KS) was founded in 1992 by a group of watchmakers. Beginning with a small workshop in a humble alley, over the years, they were praised for their meticulous art and craftsmanship and thus became more and more known.

The name Kronen & Söhne stands for Crowns & Sons in German, which refers to the heir apparent to the throne. It tells a tale of valor because of the introduction of a brand new design concept and composing technology. The goal of Kronen & Söhne is to produce masterpieces that will remain timeless, durable and impeccable for future generations and that is what Söhne(Sons) represents in the brand.

The chief designer is characterized by a strong admiration and a keen interest in accessories making, especially for combining art and technology. So Kronen & Söhne has created a versatile and inspired series in four collection lines: Royal Carving, Navigator, Imperial and Aviator.


Water resistance classification:

3ATM(30 M): Suitable for everyday use, like splash.

5ATM(50 M): Suitable for non-snorkeling water related work, showering and bathing.

10ATM(100 M): Suitable for recreational swimming, surfing.


For 3 ATM water resistant watches, they are ONLY suitable for everyday use, like splash, NOT suitable for swimming, deep diving, shower etc.


If there is any problem, please do not hesitate to contact the seller or Kronen & Söhne customer support. All Kronen & Söhne products are entitled to 12 months of international warranty from date of purchase on.

  • Von der Kronen & Söhne Gruppe Halbsavonnette Serie.
  • Ein Paket beinhaltet: 1 X Taschenuhr mit Kette, 1 X Geschenkkarton, 1 X Internationale Garantiekarte.
  • Präzisions japanische Bewegung (SII VJ32)darin.
  • Maße: Gehäusedurchmesser: 47 mm, Höhe: 15 mm/ Kettelänge: 340 mm.
  • Sie können aus unserer offiziellen Website, Kronen & Söhne, die Gebrauchsanweisung kostenlos im PDF-Format herunterladen. Falls Sie Fragen haben, könnten Sie uns direkt kontaktieren. Danke!